My areas of expertise are in all matters concerning children.

If you are separating from your partner or divorcing and there are children involved I can advise you on likely outcomes, and represent you in court if it gets that far. You may know this as custody and access, or residence and contact - we now know this as Child Arrangements Orders.

I am also particularly known for cases where one of the parents may wish to move overseas with a child.

I have extensive experience in cases where the local authority (social services) have an involvement If you have been asked to become involved in a case like this, or you wish to become involved (e.g. you are a grandparent or family member), I can advise you on what steps are possible.

Sadly, some relationships involve domestic abuse. Injunctions are often used in such cases. If you are seeking an injunction, or your ex partner is seeking one against you I can advise and assist.

If you need assistance please contact my clerks Wayne, Ben, or Sophie on 023 8023 0338 or I aim to reply to any queries within 48 hours.

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