I have specialised in family law since 1998 and my experience encompasses all aspects of private family dispute in relation to divorce, finances and children. I am based in Yorshire but accept cases from all over the country.

I can assist you with sorting out financial claims on divorce or separation, or on behalf of children whether or not you and the other party were married. I am experienced in dealing with complex financial situations, family companies, trust assets and assets located outside of the UK as well as more straightforward matters.

I can also assist you with any issue relating to parental responsibility for a child, whether that concerns the arrangemetns for a child to spend time with or live with a parent or other person, or in respect of specific issues such as abduction, travel to another country, a parent's wish to move to another country, the child's name or which school they should attend. I can offer representation at fact finding hearings where allegations of abuse are made.

I am used to working with families of all kinds, including those with more than 2 parents, with donor conceived children or children born following surrogacy, or where extended family members have a significant role. I can also advise as to parentage and parental status for children born via fertility treatment.

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