David is an experienced barrister in the field of chancery and commercial law, which includes areas such as property and land disputes, contract disputes, including building cases, sale of goods, supply of services, insurance and banking, negligence claims against legal and commercial professionals such as accountants, valuers and solicitors.

He is experienced in giving advice and in presenting cases in court and at arbitration, as well as in negotiating to resolve cases without court proceedings, either directly or through mediation. He is a CEDR-accredited mediator and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

He is also experienced in drafting and reviewing contract terms for compliance, and drafting legal and pre-action correspondence.

The Legal 500 lists David under leading juniors within commercial, banking and insolvency for Manchester.

Please note: if you wish to engage David on a case, you should do so as soon as the dispute arises, and certainly well before any hearing is listed, so that be can advise you about how best to prepare the case. Lead time should typically be a few weeks before a short hearing, and some months before a trial. Late bookings for hearing may be declined if there is not sufficient time for the case to be properly prepared.

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