Dafydd is a child care practitioner with extensive expertise in all areas of both private and public law.

His private children practice covers a wide ambit from external and internal relocation to acrimonious private law children matters involving implacable hostility and parental alienation. His cases often feature expert psychiatric and/or psychological opinion. He also has further expertise in cases involving substance misuse (drug and alcohol) and mental health issues. He is also frequently briefed in cases of domestic violence (Family Law Act 1996) and where emotional and psychological harm is present.

Dafydd also specialises in the field of Public Law/Child Protection where he usually represents parents/grandparents/intervenor. His cases usually involve complex medical issues (including NAHI), neglect or cases involving allegations of serious sexual abuse.

Dafydd has appeared at all levels of court (save the Supreme Court), including a number of appeals to the Court of Appeal.

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