Tom Tyler has a background in all areas of family law. He specialises in giving advice and representing parties in all kinds of family finance disputes. He is usually involved in matters of greater complexity but he is always pleased to be briefed in more straightforward cases involving divorce, ancillary relief, trusts of land and property. Tom is frequently instructed in divorce/financial proceedings where a party faces restraint and confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court having been convicted or accused of a serious criminal offence such as fraud, money laundering, drug/people trafficking.  This is a factor that complicates the financial aspects of the divorce and Tom has a great deal of expertise in this area.

Legal experience is undoubtedly very valuable, however one of Tom’s outstanding qualities is his recognition of the uniquely difficult nature of family litigation involving children and money. He has been through the divorce and financial dispute process himself and therefore offers his clients a true understanding born of personal experience. He is a genuine source of wise and sympathetic advice at a difficult and painful time for either husbands or wives. If a dispute is capable of compromise then Tom will almost invariably sort it out and save the cost of further litigation. However, there may be factors that prevent agreement being reached and in such circumstances Tom can be relied upon to fight his client’s corner.

Direct Access Client Testimonials
September 2017, From Mr B in London: "Mr Tyler is a warm friendly person, he is highly knowledgeable and dealt with my situation thoroughly.
"I was extremely pleased how Mr Tyler dealt with my case, I was not expecting the outcome I received.
"Highly recommended and I would definitely work with again.
"Thank you again Mr Tyler."

August 2017, From Mrs A in Surrey: "Thank you so much for your direction yesterday. You were absolutely amazing and I am so glad you acted for me.
"I just wish I had you at my previous hearings as I have been led up the garden path.
"You are so professional, firm and of course your years of experience gave me the best result. There was as you say significant risk of losing my home if I were to have had a different barrister who knows I could have been led up garden path again?
"Thank God I had you. You’re a great man and warm hearted!"

August 2017, From Mr P in Bristol: "Tom Tyler was unflappable. He very quickly gained a good grasp of the situation and laid things out clearly for me so that I could understand what my options were.
"I was particularly impressed with the way Tom dissected my extremely complex financial position and laid it out clearly in such a way that it was impossible for the opposition to dispute it. Had I not had the benefit of an expert Counsel in Tom who was well versed in financial matters and who knew how to display and tabulate them in an easy to understand way things may not have gone as well and I could have easily lost the case. Thank you."

August 2017, From Ms B in West Sussex: "Thank you for coming to my aid so generously. I feel very blessed to have been represented by you and am deeply grateful for your help."

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