I am a QC specialising in all areas of family law. I particularly enjoy cases involving divorce finance and disputes about children, either private law [ie child arrangement orders] or public law [ie care] cases. I have been reported in a number of direct access cases, two of which give an example of the range of work I undertake:- Mann v Mann [details available from a google search], a case in which we are seeking to enforce a financial remedies order in the High Court, and Rasul, a High Court care case in which I represented the grandparents, who eventually gained the long term residence of their two grandchildren. I recently had an unexpected success, against the expectations of my client, in a recent leave to remove case.
Although I am based in London, I also have close associations with two other sets, one in Manchester and one in Chelmsford, hence my willingness to travel.
My philosophy about public access work is very simple: there are a large number of barristers offering a direct service to members of the public so it is important to be up front with any potential client about what the costs are likely to be, the management of the working relationship, timescales and, above all, to recognise the need to be flexible, in terms of expectation, accessibility and costs. I recognise the need to offer value for money whilst also offering "a value added" service.
I am happy to speak to any potential client before either of us agree to take a case on. I am particularly keen on the idea of an initial consultation to discuss a client's individual needs and expectations. I am happy to do cases for a fixed fee.

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