Highly experienced specialist employment and discrimination barrister and mediator
Undertakes all types of employment tribunal claims - e.g. discrimination, unfair dismissal, TUPE, labour disputes and equal pay; and civil court claims encompassing restraint of trade and non-employment discrimination claims
Pre-claim advisory work
Works with a wide range of clients from individuals through to charities, large corporate, educational and public organisations
Examples of work carried out under the public access scheme include-
- Conducting investigations and/or decision making in disciplinary and grievance investigations
- Mediation, including workplace mediation (prior to claim commencing)
- Drafting/negotiating/concluding settlement agreements
- Advising employers and employees where a dispute is anticipated
- Workplace mediation and mediation of current claims
- Advising parties of the merits of their claims
- Advising parties as to how to conduct the litigation
- Representing parties at hearings
- Advising upon and editing employment policies and procedures
- Professional conduct committee hearings

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