Matthew Farmer specialises in defending in cases alleging serious criminal offences, including fraud, confiscation, drugs importation, kidnapping, murder, rape and sexual offences. Predominantly based in London, he is renowned for searching cross-examination, and successfully engaging juries in powerful closing speeches. He leads for both the defence and prosecution in major crime, with numerous successful high profile results. These have recently included
- multi-million pound fraud cases involving Network Rail
- the kidnapping at gunpoint of two men from a London store
- securing the acquittal of a leading herbal highs dealer who was running a multi million pound business
- the attempted murder of man in a central London flat using a hunting knife.
- most recently (September 2015) he has secured the acquittal, at Manchester Crown Court, of a Defendant charged with conspiracies to import millions of pounds worth of cannabis and ketamine in consignments of frozen food.

In addition he has a substantial Court of Appeal practice in which he has successfully appealed against convictions in cases including those involving murder, drugs importation, gun crime, and rape.

He is highly skilled in cases involving the Proceeds of Crime Act and confiscation, and has successfully argued against orders being made in drugs and fraud cases, He has appeared in Court of Appeal cases which have been reported and become stated case law.

He regularly appears (and is successful) in cases before the Courts Martial, including those which have become stated case law, involving challenging the law in relation of the definition of the giving of an order, and on sentence in a case involving gunpoint threats made to a superior officer. He conducted the first interlocutory appeal in the Court of Appeal (Courts Martial), challenging a decision of a Court Martial to proceed with a case. He is well known in the Courts Martial and has an exceptionally high success rate in relation to defending these cases.

He also has extensive experience in regulatory work, and has recently successfully defended in two linked Medicines Act Prosecutions involving domestic and EU law. He has also advised in relation to proceedings before the Medical Practictioners Tribunal Service.

In Civil law he has successfully appeared in contested cases involving medical negligence, personal injury and contractual disputes.

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