I have worked as a barrister in a wide range of commercial litigation for over 20 years. I have practised as a direct access barrister since that method of instruction became available. I practice from my Chambers in London but I live in the West Country and am happy to travel to locations within 3 hours of either Bristol or London. I am a good listener and a good advocate. I offer straightforward, cost effective advice. I deal with a great many cases of professional negligence involving a large range of professions but particularly solicitors, financial advisers and professionals in the field of property. I also have a focus in financial services work representing individuals, financial advisers and their firms and I have also worked within and represented the FCA. In addition I handle cases involving insurance, banking, construction, manufacturing and product development, planning and environmental law and general contract disputes. I have represented individuals, small businesses and large commercial enterprises. If you would like more detail, do get in touch and I will send you my CV.

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