I'll help Grenfell Tower tenants for free

Barrister Ben Beaumont explains why he will help those tenants of Grenfell Tower who have been denied legal aid

I have read the tragic story of Grenfell Tower. I became a barrister in 1978. Back then I worked with the Free Representation Unit. We worked with asylum seekers and others who were unable for many reasons to take advantage of the greater benefits of the English legal system.

I have read that the Government will provide legal aid to the families of the deceased who wish to have representation at the Inquiry. That statement implies that there will be no financial support for the tenants themselves who wish to be represented.

There are also issues for tenants to consider in future litigation for compensation.

I offer my services at no cost to tenants. If I can help I will do so, if I cannot I will try and direct you to a colleague who can. We in the legal profession are privileged and should give the benefit of our experience to others.

Ben Beaumont is a barrister at Thomas More Chambers. Click here to contact him.