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Q. Can your website be viewed with tablets  and mobiles?

 A. Yes. We don’t have an App just yet but the site is already optimised for mobile devices.


Q. Is your site the official site for direct access barristers?

 A. Yes. The Bar Council promotes Direct Access barristers through the DAP. Direct Access barristers can advertise their services through this platform.

Q. How do I know that the barristers on your site are fully qualified?

 A. There are rules in place to make sure that all barristers providing legal services to clients are fully qualified.  The Bar Standards Board, as the independent regulator of barristers, sets those rules.  The rules make sure that the barristers have the proper practicing certificate and have completed approved training on Direct Access.  They also say that a barrister must tell the Bar Council that they will be doing direct access work.  Only then can their details appear in a search for a Direct Access Barrister on this website.  They must have insurance in place so that, if something goes wrong, the person instructing the barrister has some protection. 

  Q. Can I advertise my company on DAP?

 A. Yes, if you wish to advertise with us please complete the contact form and we shall contact you.

  Q. Is it possible to contact DAP by telephone?

 A. No, but if you wish to speak to one of us please leave your details on the enquiry form and request a call back.

Q. As a barrister,  how do I create a new profile page if I obtain a further qualification, for example, if I am listed as a barrister and I then qualify as a mediator?

 A. You should complete the application form to apply for a profile page for your additional profession but you will be able to use the same login details for both of your profile pages.

Q. Is your site secure?

 A. Yes. Our servers are protected by the highest levels of encryption; however, you should not share your login details with anyone.

 Q.  How do you earn income from DAP?

A.  We shall offer advertising  to carefully chosen partners whose services complement our site.


Q.  Can you recommend particular barristers or professionals or help with further information about them?

A.  No; barristers and other professionals give all appropriate details of themselves and their practices on their profile pages that can be accessed by use of our search facility. For reasons of confidentiality we cannot add to this information.


 Q.  As a barrister, how can I become Direct (Public) Access qualified?

 A.  You will need to do the appropriate training and then register with the Bar Council on completion. Please follow this link for more information



Q.  What do I do if I want to complain about the service I have received?

A.  You should directly contact your barrister if you want to make a complaint.                                           

      Your barrister should provide you with a copy of their complaints procedure when they accept your instructions. The complaints procedure contains the information you require to make a complaint and information about what to do if you are unhappy about the way your barrister handles that complaint.

 If you fall within their jurisdiction you may take up your complaint with the legal Ombudsman, the independent complaints body for complaints about lawyers, at the conclusion of their chamber's consideration of your complaint.The Ombudsman is not able to consider your complaint until it has first been investigated by Chambers.

   The Direct Access Portal cannot action complaints against barristers.